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Delivered at the session of the Temporary
Court Martial of the 15th November 1946, by Mr. J.E. Peter, Colonel, President and in the presence of Mr. tegewoordigheid. H.L. Swaab, Lt. Colonel and Mr. J. Hitman, Major, Members, Mr. J.G.H. van der Starp, Secretary, R.J. Beer, Auditor -  Military, also in the presence
of the accused, as well as his

In the knowledge of me,                           The President
The Secretary,

w.g. Mr. J.G.H. van der Starp                  w.g. Mr. J. N. Peter

The original transcript is in Dutch, to find it, scroll to page 12  here

Uitgesproken op de zitting van den Temporairen
Krijgsraad van den 15den November 1946, door Mr. J.E. Peter, Kolonel, President en in tegewoordigheid van Mr. H.L. Swaab, Lt. Kolonel en Mr. J. Hitman, Majoor, Leden, Mr. J.G.H. van der Starp, Secretaris Mr. R.J. Beer, Auditeur - Militair, alsmede in presentie
van den beklaagde, mede in tegenwoordigheid van diens

In kennisse van mij,                                           De President
De Secretaris,

w.g. Mr. J.G.H. van der Starp                          w.g. Mr. J.N. Peter

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