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Pakket 1 pagina 7

Package 1, page 7

That an unknown Japanese asked her, why she wanted to leave, while nothing happened as a consequence of her request to leave.
That she repeated in January 1944 her request to leave, that she was taken by the Political Intelligence Service, that they accused her of inciting the girls to leave, that she was kept by the Intelligence Service xXXXXXX (can’t read this part)
That miss XXX gave order (?) to the women in Sakuraclub to meet two Japanese xxx per person per evening under threat of the Kempel.
That in August 1943 Can’t read this part

That she and two previously mentioned women by miss and miss were informed about the fact that this ‘job’ involved intimate contact with Japanese, but that it was possible to deny such contacts if one was reluctant to do so.
However, that both were subjected to Japanese against their will, least two per evening. That they refused for a few days, but were threatened by the Kempel. That miss xxx told her: we have ordered that we have to serve at least two Japanese per evening.

Not readable
That there was a girl in Sakura club of 12 years old, and also one of 14 years old. That she lived with her mother, that she was persuaded by miss xxx and miss xxx to go to Batavia to work in a restaurant with miss xxx
That she didn’t feel like to doing this, but when miss xx threatened with the Intelligence Service and with deportation if she wouldn’t go, she finally agreed.
That she was taken to Batavia with other girls and that she was housed in a ? behind ‘Goenoeng Sari’ where the girls had to share with two person a single house.

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Pakket 4 pagina 5

VIII. [black] will aqcuit from what he was charged with;
Taking into account, that in the court session were read and were shown to the accused the statements taken under oath of the following witnesses, who have testified mainly
Ambarawa [black].that she had been detained in Ambarawa camp 4, where miss [black] was commanding, when on 25 February 1944 all women and girls between 18 and 26 years of age were ordered to appear in the office.
That they did not know what to think of it, but expected it to be some kind of registration;
That a Japanese officer asked questions in the office and inspected the women with his eyes.
That the next day she received orders to pack her bags and get ready to leave; as well as other women on the list;
That she left in a bus and was brought to Semarang via another camp in Ambarawa were other women were picked up.
Semarang curaboe. That she arrived in hotel Splendid, where other girls who went out to explore the place had found an examining room and boxes of contraceptives, from which she concluded that she had ended up in a brothel.
That she refused to move to another room, but that it did not help, because she was beaten and punched and forced to move.
That her turn came finally and that she was raped with abuse.
That two girls tried to escape but were caught and brought back.
That there was a medical inspection every week performed on a dirty mattress that was put on a closet that was turned upside down.
That a girl tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of Quinine and that Mrs. [black] went half insane and was sent back to Ambarawa camp.
That on 1 April 1944 they were brought to “Pension van Brussel” which was closed on 26 April of the same year, after which they were brought on 9 May 1944 to the Kota Paris camp in Buitenzorg;
That she knows the following people to be bosses of a brothel: [black], [black] and [black]
That she knows the following people to have shared her fate: Miss [black], Mrs. [black], Miss [black k], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Mrs. [black], Miss [black], Miss [very black]and Miss [black].
Ambarawa 6 [black].
That on 23 February 1944 3 or 4 Japanese came into the camp (Ambarawa 6) and had all the women between 17 and 28 years of age lined up.
That the women were shamelessly looked up and down and had to answer questions, after which a sign was put behind their names on a list.
That this made them worried and that they asked the Japanese to which end this was done. The answer was that the ladies did not need to worry and hat nothing would happen to them, and that it was just that a few would be selected to work outside in offices.
That this was communicated to the leader of the camp.
That on 26 February of the same year, the Japanese came again and called 10 ladies, of whom 9 came, because one was ill.
That those 9 ladies were the sisters [black], [black], Mrs. [black], [black], [black], [black], [black] and the witness herself;
That they were told to pack in order to leave the camp;
That the women

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Pakket 4 pagina 11

Pakket 4, pagina 11

Kicked in the stomach; that the witness herself was given the order to perform labour on March 5th, which she refused to do; that she was dragged to her room by one of the Japanese soldiers (vice? Officer), grabbed, threatened, undressed by tearing off her clothes and violently lost her virginity; that she had never had any sexual intercourse before; that she thereafter was forced to have sexual intercourse 7-8 times per day with Japanese soldiers, with intervals of sometimes 5 minutes; that she was transferred to another brother, namely Hinomaru, as a result of close down of the one she was in. She was brought there under supervision of xxxx; that several girls got sexually transmitted diseases, such as xxx and xxx; and that xxx made her loose her virginity, that she recognized this man who in the brothel Semarang in 1944 raped her approximately 10-times, that she gave in after physical abuse and violence; that she recognized after the recapitulation this Japanese (kempeier) as the man who visited her in the Brother in Semarang for 2 months and hit her every time, thrown her onto bed, tore her clothes off and in the face of severe resistance forced her to have sexual intercourse; that she admitted to fall a bit in love with this Japanese;
In consideration, some report of lady xxx, sister xx was read aloud, which she enforced under oath; that the court martial wanted to put this report aside, because several events were confused by the sister, names were given vaguely or incorrectly while one name has been removed and replaced by another; that she has been convicted by the court martial of Semarang on accounts of abortion criminalis; that she is a ‘morphimist’ and that she should be considered a very doubtful figure;
That probably also due to this the Home Office for investigation of war crimes didn’t consider it necessary to subject this witness to a normal enquiry by a designated certified investigator. This is because the court martial cannot understand why such a unreliable report was taken seriously;
That in the report under the judgment of herein reported doctors and xx has not been confirmed by any of the witnesses;
In consideration, that in the trial pack, is present a declaration of a doctor, under oath, but this cannot be taken seriously because in the pack there is made reference to label A Blue which is not only not there in the pack, but also, as stated by the Auditor-Military during the trial, has not been found in that particular office;
In consideration, that the designated commander of the Cadet Training Corpse of the Southern army in Semarang, colonel xxx, who in order to avoid conviction and punishment committed suicide in Japan. He left a statement in Japanese. During the trial this was read aloud. The main content of his statement was: with silent permission the Headquarters of the 16th army of General Mayor xxx, commander of the occupying troops in Semarang, and to Mayor xxx has ordered that a few dozens of Dutch women from the camps were distributed over two or three brothels; this order has been carried out and that those women in those brothels (e.g. Shoko-club and Semarang restaurant) were forced to perform acts of prostitution; that after a month a warning was issued from Tokyo and the brothels were closed; that Mayor xxx acted forcefully in word and deed against those women; that Mayor xxx acted in accordance with the purpose of General Mayor xxx, so

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Pakket 1 pagina 3

Pakket 1 pagina 3

that the prostitutes must have an age of at least seventeen years old, before the were appointed, were completely informed about their work, that they had to perform only with their own free will were appointed, and to their own discretion could cancel their appointment when they would like to;
that the women received a fixed salary per month, plus a part of that amount, that the visitors, that went to bed with them, had to pay, as well as housing;
that they also stood under regular medical controls
that the accused and XXX recommended the prostitutes to collect as much as possible, because this was in their own interest, after all her earnings increased, but he himself has never prescribed a certain amount per evening, and this is not know by him of XXX
that the prostitutes who had performed this occupation before, originated from Batavia, namely eleven Dutch (Hollandsche) women from Tjidengkamp, and others from the non interned society, Semarang, Bandoeng, Djooja and Salatiga;
that he himself, interchangeably with his co-workers XXX XXXX, a certain Ms XXX, and Ms XXX also know as XXX, has gone to the places outside Batavia to recruit prostitutes for the Sakura;
that at the appointment of prostitutes her names were given to te Kempeitai, that had supervision on the Japanese companies and once every two or three weeks came to supervise;
that he never let or himself had threatened or used violence to recruit women as prostitutes for the “Sakuraclub”, or force her to stay, if she wanted to resign, and that he is not familiar with, that XXX or other co-workers did such things;
that he does not believe, that they did that, and certainly did not threat with the Kempei; because the Kempei only reacted, when he, the accused, personally called upon the intervention, and upon a request of one of his subordinates certainly would not have reacted;
that he sometimes did hit a prostitute, because she quarreled with XXX and once, because she had a clandestine boyfriend outside the brothel, but not to force her to prostitution;
Considering, that the following in the preliminary investigation witnesses heard. according to her declarations made up under the oath of office and read the records to the accused at the examination; present by the records, declared in essence and confirmed by oath;
1. XXX :
That she has worked in the Sakuraclub, a brothel in Gang Horning in Batavia as a prostitute as of 6 Mei 1944 until approximately September of that year;
That she voluntarily accepted this occupation at the proposal of XXX

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Pakket 1 pagina 2

Pakket 1 pagina 2

Seen the pieces of the process, for as far it is abused presented to and hold before the accused. With regard to what the accused and his lawyer brought in defence to the fore.
Considering, that the accused at the examination on the merits has declared that he is a Japanese subject, and as of 1920 was established in Batavia, the last years as hotel holder, on 30 November 1941 returned to Japan, and be charged by his government to come back to Batavia in June 1942;
that he under orders of the Japanese mayor of Bataiva XXX, and his secretary XXX opened in Batavia the restaurant Akibono, in building Noordwijk 2;
that Akibono a restaurant was, for everybody accessible, with ladies service and the service girls had service as such until eleven o’clock in the evening;
that these girls were not obligated to go to bed with the visitors, but were free to do what they want after eleven o’clock in the evening;
that he at Akibono met XXX among others who by the local government together with XXX and XXX was added to them;
that XXX arranged the women business and XXX her assistant wat;
that he, because XXX and XXX quarreled repeatedly, finally the fist was fired, and appointed XXX in her place;
that he as of April 1943 has lived together with XXX;
that he on 2 June 1943 of the Gunseikambu was ordered to open a brothel in hall[Horning in Batavia, which assignment, after he was ordered twice, fulfilled under protect;
that a complex houses at the hall Horning was arranged as brothel and to which a restaurant and bar were connected and the whole was called as corridor chat “Sakuraclub” and was exclusively accessible for Japanes citizens;
that XXX supported him with the foundation and management of the brothel;
that XXX appointed the prostitutes, but that he confirmed the appointment as head of the establishment;
that the accused, was mainly busy with updating the books, the contact with the Gunseikanbu and the supplies; that the brothel on 10 September 1943 was opened with twenty prostitutes and has existed until about September 1945, when the capitulation of Japan made it necessary to cancel the company;

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Pakket 4 pagina 10

;that the whorehouse was closed on April 25 or 26, 1944 and that the girls were transferred to the KOTA-PARIS encampment on May 9th, 1944;

That she was present at the GEDANGAN encampment in Semarang in February or May 1944 when the announcement was made that all women and girls in the age between 16 and 30 were to report at the office; that they were told that they had to work for the Japanese, but they were not told what kind of work; that before they left the mothers and a lot of women protested and as a reaction the Japanese police were ordered to slay the revolt with the sable and a riot started; that she was taken to a whorehouse in an alley of Bodjong together with her two children (age 2 and 4); that xx was the manager; some days later 3 Japanese men arrived and they told us to receive some men, we thought we were to work just like in a restaurant, because the Americans did the same with their wives.; that the reaction was strong , a lot of women were considering suicide, but out of fear for physical abuse they complied; that all actions were enforced by beatings in the face and once a woman was dragged along the floor by her hair only and that resulted in a nervous shock with xxx.

Xxxx (now 21 years)
That she arrived at the Halmaheira encampment on February 3, 1944; that on February 2, 1944 six Japanese arrived (among them xxx from Semarang-Curaboe, xxx from Hinmaru and xxx from Futabasju); that they ordered all women and girls in the age between 17 and 35 to the office where they were interrogated and were inspected just like a meat inspection; that the encampment manager mrs.xxx made a statement that the Japanese had not informed her about the meaning of all this; that the Japanese returned on February 26, 1944 to see all the girls and that only 8 girls showed up (the other girls were not able to come because of illness) which were, xx,xx and witness; that they had to prepare to leave within 30 minutes and that they were yelled at when asked where they were to be taken; that they thought it was just a transfer to another encampment; some women asked the Japanese for the possibility to be transferred too, but the Japanese reacted very angry; they were transferred to the Kanarielaan at Semarang and during the rest of the day more girls from other camps arrived also; there were also women from the Gedangancamp, who, witness found out later, volunteered for the live as a whore; witness and 9 other girls, a married woman and 5 volunteers were taken to the whorehouse Hinomaru (by law Semarang Curaboe) where they all received a room for themselves; that some days later the first girls, xx and xx were raped and yelled extremely loud; that xx at that time said: there is our first victim; both girls were dragged to a restcouch and were robbed from their virginity; that xxx was in a state of shock and was unconscious for two days ; day after day all girls fell victim to the Japanese and in spite of the resistance they were forced to have intercourse; that xx and xx managed to escape in the afternoon but they were caught in the nighttime by the police; that in spite of the insurance that no force was to be used the girls were brutally molested and that xx was so heavily upset that she slid her wrist and that caused so much blood loss that she lost consciousness for 36 hours; that mrs.xx managed to cross her legs and stop a Japanese man from taking abuse of her which made him so angry that he kicked her in her stomach;

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Pakket 4 pagina 14

Pagina 14

of witness XXXX;
that in the view of the Krijgsraad it is not at all impossible that this witness is mistaken when it comes to the person who raped her on the opening night of the brothel, so that – now that her statement is not confirmed in any other evidence – the facts indicted to this defendant have not been proved legally and convingly and for that reason he must be acquited;
Regarding the third defendant XXXX:
Considering that he has denied all responsibility concerning the selection of women in the camps and transporting them to the Kanarielaan;
that he has nonetheless admitted to having known about the plan to take Dutch women away from the detentioncamps and to have requested the permit needed to proceed and to station them in 4 established brothels on behalf of Major XXXX and Colonel XXXX, with the Headquarter of the 16th Army;
that he has further admitted travelling to Bandoeng, completely on his own initiative, to see how European women, working there in a brothel, were being treated and to gain experience;
that after Colonel XXXX’s departure for Japan, by the end of January/beginning of February 1943, he took over his tasks concerning heitan-matters, which means everything that is related to the entertainment and welfare of the soldiers;
that he has denied to have been involved with the selection, since that was left to the civil servants of the residential office;
Considering that defendant nonetheless knew that the Headquarter had only consented under the condition that the women would leave their camp voluntarily and work in a brothel voluntarily;
that such includes that they were fully informed as to the objective of the selection and thus had been given the opportunity – before signing the declaration of willingness – to consider the consequences;
that the condition of voluntariness further includes that the officer, who actually supervised the signing of the declaration of willingness, convinced himself that these women were indeed completely informed and that their voluntariness was beyond all doubts;
Considering that the defendant – although as an officer he was not only in charge of the Heitan-matters and as such also knew about the conditions set by the Headquarter of the 16th Army, but as the highest officer present at the place should have supervised the course of action – he has neglected this duty and as he claims himself, has left everything to civil servants, so that, according to his own statement, it is unknown whether the contents of the declaration of willingness have been properly explained to the women;
Considering that the picture that arises from the statements of all heard witnesses, is completely different: they were forced to sign a document of which the content was not made known to them and that they could not read either, because it was written in the Japanese language, whereas all questions about it were being cut off roughly;
that some witnesses, moreover, have declared that some girls and women were crying;
Considering that a civil servant of the residential office has informed defendant – as he himself has admitted – that many women and girls had refused in the camps and that the women did want to go one day and didn’t on the other;
that defendant, instead of taking this information as a warning to be extremely cautious, simply concluded that all women present were volunteers;
Considering that from these facts, admitted by the defendant, in connection with the above declared proved facts, it follows that the defendant reasonably should have suspected that the main part of the women and girls gathered in the Kanarielaan were not informed about what to expect and that consequently, they would not voluntarily submit themselves to prostitution and that coercion would be needed to make them do so;

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Pakket 4 pagina 13

Pakket 4 pagina 13

women and girls, who were in detention camps, bereft of their freedom, were in general and in principle unwilling to serve the enemy in a profession that according to Western standards, is indecent and is in conflict with respectability;
that therefore for this reason alone these women and girls could only be induced to do so by means of deception and by force, although in the end they ceased their resistance, when it became clear to them that they had got in such a position that resistance could not be in the least successful;
that it is likewise possible that some among the selected women and girls, motivated by the wish to be released from the detention camp, at all costs, took this chance and accepted the consequences, which by no means alters the fact that the need to leave the camps are a consequence of the detention as ordered by the Japanese and the bad and often inhuman circumstances;
Considering that consequently the Krijgsraad considers it proved, that on the time and at the place as described in the indictment, the women and girls mentioned hereafter (for as far as it has been possible to establish this for each camp) were transported from the camps mentioned for forced prostitution, namely:
from the Halmaheiracamp: XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and XXXX;
from camp Ambarawa 4: mrs. XXXX, mrs. XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and XXXX;
from camp Ambarawa 6: two sisters XXXX and XXXX, mrs. XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX;
then, in a building in the Kanarielaan in Semarang, were divided amongst and stationed in the brothels: Semarang Curaboe, Shoko club, Hinomaru and Seiunso (Futubasja) and were there forced to prostitution;
Considering that regarding the Gedangancamp insufficient data can be obtained from the evidence available as to whom (and under what circumstances) have left that camp, for witness XXXX reports nothing or only vaguely about that and witness XXXX declares that the women from this camp were volunteers, a statement also made by defendant XXXX (VII);
that it is nonetheless possible that – when in the camp the suspicion arose that the girls and women were to be transported to brothels and they realized that the Japanese would not change their course of action when confronted with protests or resistance – the female inhabitants of the camp were appealed to, to save the young and pure girls from that fate, and to volunteer for this force prostitution and that following this appeal some women declared themselves willing to submit to the wish of the Japanese, on behalf of the campcommunity;
Considering that presently needs to be verified for each of the defendants if and if so, to what extent, he is liable for these well proven facts, with which the main point of their defence will be addressed as far as necessary;
Regarding the first defendant XXXX:
Considering that as for him the judgment will have to be postponed, now that the President of the Krijgsraad has ordered observation in a mental institution for this defendant;
Regarding the second defendant XXXX:
Considering that the second defendant has denied knowing the girl mentioned in the indictment and forcing her to have sexual intercourse with him;
that he has admitted to have visited (be it not on the opening night) the brothel Seiunso and having had sexual intercourse with girls, nevertheless maintained that each time that was with the permission of the girls and that they never protested of resisted;Considering that in opposition to his denial there is only the statement

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Pakket 4 pagina 12

Pakket 4 pagina 12

that he has heard that only a few women who actually resisted en that according to XXXX, the women were so content with the way they were treated, that they wanted to stay in the ‘club’; that he – as an older officer – once warned Major XXXX that these acts were in conflict with the meaning of the ‘hakko inchi-u’ (the whole world one family), but to no avail;
Considering, that in court the (non sworn) statements of the Japanese XXXX (captain), XXXX (reserve-captain), XXXX (colonel), XXXX (doctor) and XXXX (reserve-captain) have been read aloud and presented to the defendants, from which becomes clear:
that, when by the end of March 1944 the military authorities were to take over the detention camps in Middle-Java from the civil administration, they discovered that women who belonged in those camps, were being forced to work as a prostitute in the brothels in Semarang; that the Headquarter of the detention camps for prisoners of war and civilians considered this course of action as undesirable, since it could be concluded that the women were forced, which was in conflict with international laws; that a colonel XXXX from Tokio came to inspect the camps in April 1944 and this was reported to him; that the brothels were closed and the women were transported to Kota Pariskamp in Buitenzorg, where after interrogation and medical examination, it became clear that many of them stated that they were force and that of 100 women, 25 to 30 had a venereal disease;
Considering that from the statements of the witnesses involved it has become clear with certainty;
that the women in the formerly mentioned detention camps were not told what kind of work they would have to be doing outside those camps;
that they were suspicious regarding the intentions of the Japanese who came to select girls and women, but each time the answers to questions concerning those suspicions were reassuring;
that the women and girls, who in the end had to leave their camps to be transported to the Kanarielaan in Semarang, were indeed not aware that they were going to have to work as prostitutes in brothels;
that most of these girls and women were forced by assault and coercion to submit to sexual intercourse with Japanese men, for which purpose they were stationed in the brothels as mentioned in the indictment;
Considering that according to the judgement of the Krijgsraad, the Japanese would have met strong resistance and great difficulties, should they have made the goal the women and girls were to serve, public, and that it is doubtful whether they would have succeeded in recruiting women and girls from the camps, without having to use violence;
that this is confirmed by the events in the Sompok (Lampersarie) camp, where according to the report of VIIen and defendant XXXX, the women revolted when it became clear what they were supposed to do, after which open resistance the administration of the camp could no longer warrant the peace and order in that camp and the Japanese decided not to take women and girls from this camp;
Considering – as defendant VII XXXX has admitted – that in the camps Halmaheira, Ambawara 4 and 6, the goal was kept a secret and that during the recruitment in those camps no problems have occurred, while after arriving in a building in the Kanarielaan in Semarang, the girls and women had to sign a document written in Japanese characters, of which the contents were not explained to them and apparently deliberately were kept a secret for them;
Considering that more witnesses have declared that they were threatened to be killed, with bad treatment of their parents, with transport to a soldiers’ brothel or to a brothel with far worse circumstances etcetera, should they persist in their refusal to submit themselves as a prostitute;
Considering that from this course of actions it appears evidently that the Japanese were fully aware that the Dutch

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Pakket 5 pagina 4

Pagina 4

that the accused has participated in designing and further developing the plan to establish brothels in Semarang and to use girls and women from the detention camps as prostitutes in these brothels, while it was also known to him that permission would have to be asked from the Headquarter of the 16th army in Batavia;
that the accused after his return to Semarang (by the end of March 1944) from Tokio, for which he had left by the end of January 1944, to attend a conference where the latest battle-methods were to be discussed, learned about the presence of the brothels, the way they had been planned before his departure and that he also learned that women and girls from the detention camps were working in the brothels;

Considering also that it is certain that the accused after his return, on looking into the administrative documents regarding these brothels, discovered that the permission of the Headquarter of the 16th army was missing and that in the statements of consent of the women and girls the nature of the work they were to do, was not being mentioned;
that general XXXX did not provide him with an explanation concerning these questions;
that, to conclude, he has done nothing to investigate this;
Considering that – as considered on page 52 of the formerly mentioned verdict against other accused in this case – the recruitment of the volunteers from the detentioncamps alone, in doing this using the bad and inhuman circumstances when it comes to food and the location in the camps, which, moreover, they had established and maintained themselves, is in conflict with decency and humanity and hence given the circumstances are a violation of the laws and customs of war;
that therefore the accused – who was also held the position of Heitan-officer – by giving his permission to a plan like that, and by participating in further elaborating it and by never inspecting afterwards how the plan was actually implemented and how the, on the basis of that plan, established brothels were functioning, he must be held responsible for the punishable acts committed in the process;
that the crimes of war, as committed by his fellow-accused according to the formerly mentioned verdict, have resulted from the above mentioned plan and could and should have been anticipated and prevented by the accused, and that by not extensively getting informed – after his return from Japan and accepting his duties again – regarding these brothels and everything related – he has allowed these acts of war to continue;
that he as a main officer should have been aware that the Dutch women and girls in general and in principal would not be willing to leave their detention camps to work as a prostitute in Japanese brothels and that they would only do so by acts of deceit and/or violence;
that he, the other officers involved in this case alike, did not care at all about the fate of the women and children who found themselves completely and utterly under the command of the occupational authorities, and has not one single moment given thought to the fact that proposing to these women and girls to provide this kind of service to the Japanese – as a result of the submission and unfree circumstances in which they were brought, already carries a criminal tendency in itself;
that with this attitude, he has clearly hinted that he wholly agreed with the idea living with the leading officers regarding this matter of the brothels;
Considering that according to the accused’s own statement that, while checking the administrative documents regarding these brothels, he noticed that the permission of the Headquarter of the 16th army was missing and that in the statements of consent of the involved women and girls the nature of the work was not being described, [ unreadable ] , that the Japanese in general attach great importance to conceal the actual bad circumstances which they had created for their prisoners of war and detainees by means of their administration and to hide for the higher authorities, after all, should the accused have correctly conceived and exercised the duties for which he as responsible as a heitan-officer, it is inconceivable why he – after general XXXX had responded in an exceedingly unsatisfactory and evasive way, did not immediately start an investigation into the actual situation and events;
Considering that from the above described follows that the accused must be found guilty of the indicted [unreadable and unreadable] the described crimes for which meanwhile the offenders have been sentenced with punishments by verdict of the Temporaire Krijgsraad No. 72/1947;

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Pakket 5 pagina 1

Pakket 5, pagina 1

Pro Justitia
No. 72 A/1947



In the name of the Queen.

The Temporaine Krijgsraad (Temporary Court-martial) in Batavia in the case of the Auditeur-Militair, ratione officii, against:
XXXX XXXX, 45 years old, born in Hiroshima-shi, Japan (1-X-1902), colonel in the Japanese army, currently detained in prison ‘Tjipinang’, in Meester Cornelis;
Considering the decision of referral to the Temporaine Krijgsraad of the Auditeur-Militair of 22. November 1947, whereby the accused is charged as follows:

That he, in the Dutch Indies, in the months and on the dates all within the year 1944, therefore in times of war and in places as will be described more specifically below, as a subject of the enemy power Japan, has committed warcrimes, since he has allowed, in conflict with the laws and customs of war, in the months March and April 1944, in his rank of ‘heitan-officier’ of Semarang, subordinate civilians and militaries to force a group of about 35 women, who were detained already by the Japanese occupational authorities in the camps Semarang-Oost, Gedangen and Halmaheira in Semarang, to prostitution and rape them, whereas he knew, or reasonable should suspect, that these warcrimes were or were to be committed;
the rapes, abduction for forced prostitution, forced prostitution and maltreatment, have caused severe physical and mental suffering with all, or at least many of the named women and girls;
which facts foreseen and considered punishable in art. 4 and next of the Ordonnantie Strafrecht Oorlogsmisdrijven S. 1946 no. 45;
With regard to the [exploit van betokening] and subpoena of 6. January 1948, in which the accused is called to appear before the court of the Temporaine Krijgsraad in Batavia, in the building of the Hooggerechtshof (Supreme Court) of the Dutch Indies, Waterlooplein Oost no.1, on 26. January 1948, at 8.30 AM;
Having read the decision of the Krijgsraad of 4 February 1948, in which admittance of the accused in a mental institution is being ordered, for a maximum period of 6 months;
Having read the report of J. Ferguson, psychiatrist-neurologist and medical superintendent in the Special Hospital ‘Grogol’ in Batavia, in which he concludes that the accused is not psychotic;
Having reread the decision of the Krijgsraad of 23 March 1948, in which is declared that the case against the former mentioned accused will be continued on Wednesday, 24 Maart 1948;
With regard to the claim of the Auditeur Militair, read aloud to and subsequently handed over to the Temporaire Krijgsraad, with the intention that the former mentioned Temporaire Krijgsraad, will declare the defendant guilty of committing the war crimes:
‘Abduction of girls or women for forced prostitution’,
‘Forced prostitution’ and ‘Rape’, and will charge him with the death penalty;
Considering that the records in sofar they have been used, haven been presented to the accused;
Considering that which the accused and his counsellor have presented in his defense;
Considering that the evidence as already mentioned in the verdict against his fellow-accused has been read aloud and presented to the accused, the brief content of which is considered inserted here (see pages 12 – 31), by which is proved all that is already declared proved in the former mentioned verdict (see pages 31 – 35);
Considering that now thus needs to be verified if, and if so, to what extent the accused is responsible for these well proved facts;Considering that the accused, in court of 26 and 1 January and after an interruption due to misbehaviour indicating mental disorders, for which his observation and psychiatric examination were ordered, in court of 24 March 1948, having heard the indictment, on the merits were given.

The original transcripts are in Dutch, you can find them, by scrolling to page 1 here

Pakket 5 pagina 2

Pakket 5 Pagina 2

That he acknowledges being partially responsible for what happened in Semarang; as described in the indictment (and with regards to his fellow-accused in the verdict of the Krijgsraad, of 24 March 1948, has been declared proved;
That he, around January 1944, working in Semarang, in the rank of lieutenant-colonel, in the military training school for officers, as a general leader of the tactical training for cadets, directly subordinate to the commander of the school, the general-major, during a conversation with colonel XXXX, also working in the military training school, about the undesirable circumstances in Semarang; concerning the minor control of the prostitutes at that place, the lack of sufficient healthy women in the brothels meant for Japanese militaries, the establishment of which was decided and the enlargement as a consequence of that lack, about the venereal diseases, whereby colonel XXXX informed him that he intended to make a proposal for improvement to general XXXX, after which accused accompanied XXXX to XXXX;
That XXXX proposed to general XXXX to recruit women from the detentioncamps for the brothels to be newly established in Semarang;
That general XXXX seemed benevolent to the proposal, but hesitated whether the approval needed for taking the women away from the camps, still under civil administration, and that would have to be given by the Headquarters of the 16th Army, that was also involved in the establishment of the brothels, could be obtained;
That during these discussions the condition of voluntariness was never an issue, because that was considered obvious;
That the part of his interrogation during the investigation, 12006/R, date 11 June 1946, held before him, in his reply to the question: ‘What was being talked about with XXXX?’, he would have stated the opposite, is untrue and [daarin] notwithstanding his, accused’s, protest with his interrogator, mr. Schouten, and also several other statements, against which he also protested, yet with no result, has remained in the interrogation;
That nevertheless his interrogator each time, when he objected against certain parts in the record, that were in contrast with the statements of the accused, said that the differences were not very important and that what was written in the report boiled down to the same: both the interrogator and the interpreter, a certain XXXX, did not want to abandon their point of view that the accused must have known, that in the process of taking women from the camps and station them in the brothels, deceit and violence had taken place; referring to the statements of the accused with regards to the above mentioned conversation with general XXXX, the interrogator has said that the accused must have known that taking women and girls from the detentioncamps by force and deceit, was against the laws and customs of war, at which the accused replied that he knew that very well and that that was why it was obvious that was not being talked about, because they only thought of voluntary recruitment;
That he has also never, as mentioned in the record, declared that immediately after his return from Tokio, he had learned that violence had been committed;
That he nevertheless signed the record, be it under protest against the false parts as referred to above, expecting to be able to put things straight in court;
That the discussion as referred to took place shortly before his departure for Tokio, around the end of January 1944;
That meanwhile, in the course of the approximately two weeks prior to his departure, he did his utmost to find sufficient prostitutes among the free population of Semarang, though with no satisfactory results;
That he still not quite agreed with XXXX’s plans, because he foresaw practical problems, but when local recruitment did not proceed smoothly, by order of the general he made a plan to present to the Headquarter;
That in view of his departure, major XXXX, who was appointed as his deputy, was selected by colonel XXXX, who was enthusiastic about the plans, to further elaborate those;
That he, the accused, had no further involvement in the case, yet travelled to Batavia together with major XXXX, while knowing that major XXXX went to Batavia to get the approval of the Headquarter, among other things;That shortly after his return to Semarang, approximately by the end of March 1944, during a dinner in Semarang, he heard that the plans had been executed;

The original transcripts are in Dutch, you can find them, by scrolling to page 2 here

Pakket 5 pagina 3

Pakket 5 Pagina 3

That he himself has never visited either one of the brothels, though he did visit the restaurant of the Shoko-club;
That on his return he has never met XXXX again, because he had returned to his infantery-unit and that he had not personally taken over the shift of XXXX, because lieutenant XXXX, had replaced him temporarily and he, the accused, on his return was to busy to get involved, because of taking up his task of head-instructor for the new tactic principles of the military school – which he had studied in Tokio on the basis of the latest war-experiences;
That moreover, after he had heard that the brothelplan had been executed, he was no longer interested in the matter;
That he has never heard rumours, that violence was used against the women stationed in those brothels, or that some of them were working there on a non-voluntary basis, that only became known to him, when he saw the indictment in this case;
That the order to close the brothels, approximately two weeks after his return, was reason for him to start an investigation and to ask lieutenant XXXX for the documents concerned;
That he did not find in those documents the written approval of the Headquarter, he did find the written consent-forms of the women, in which however no description was recorded of the nature of the activities to which they declared themselves willing;
That on noticing this, he asked XXXX for an explanation and, when X could not explain convincingly, he reported to general XXXX that the written approval of the Headquarter was lacking;
That on the basis of this report general XXXX has said that it is an unpleasant matter, and he, the accused, got the impression that XXXX was fully informed, the more so as XXXX said, that he would maybe have to send XXXX to Batavia;
That, however, a few days later, general XXXX went to Batavia himself;
That XXXX of the kempejtaj also visited him in those days, though the purpose of this visit, though the prostitution was raised as a subject, did not become clear to him, although he was under the impression that XXXX came to get information against the other officers of the trainingschool and general XXXX;
That he, although he had not been enthusiastically in favour of the plans, had never thought this through so far, that he came to comprehend that taking women from detentioncamps for stationing in brothels – even if they did so voluntarily – was a crime against humanity and a violence of international conventions;
That among the group of officers in garrison in Semarang, the colonel XXXX, who as commander of the infantery-unit and as a member of the staff of the trainingschool and who was moreover the eldest and highest in rank, was positioned immediately under general XXXX, and for that reason had all-powerful influence in the matter of the well-being of the militaries, so much so that he had to be listened to, and the brothelplan, which he initiated and was enthusiastic about, had to be executed;
That although he denies to be guilty in the sense of the facts as described in the indictment, and that he specifically has not allowed the acts of violence, since he had had no knowledge of those acts, nor could he have had knowledge of those acts, because he was not there, he nevertheless, now that has become clear that in the further elaboration of the plans, on the basis of which he has cooperated, the consequences as described in the indictment have followed, in the case of which his fellow-accused have been convicted, considers himself also responsible for these consequences, because he currently comprehends that by advising general XXXX differently, he could possibly have prevented those consequences;
That furthermore he realizes, that what happened in Semarang, is a severe crime against humanity, for which the management of the school should have taken responsibility, so that he, the accused, despite his absence during the execution of the plans and his expertise of the things occurred in the execution, feels also responsible;Considering that thus two points are certain:

The original transcripts are in Dutch, you can find them, by scrolling to page 3 here

Pakket 5 pagina 5

Page 5 Pagina 5

... that the accused should be found guilty for the things accused of (du…..) of the defined crimes of which in the meantime the perpetrators are punished by verdict of this Temporary Military Court No. 72/1947.
Regarding the applicable punishment:
Considering the fact that the Auditeur Military demanded capital punishment, but the Military Court does not agree;
that the accused was absent during the actual execution of the plan that was made with his cooperation and he went back to Semarang after that the brothels were active for a month;
that therefore most of the responsibility of the executed war crimes should be laid on the executers, as expressed in their verdicts;
that nevertheless the guilt of the accused is big, because as a Head Officer and the principal and most influential advisor of the commander-general major X he should have stopped the urge of the officers group from the Cadets school to get involved in the brothels full with women and girls from detention camps;
that he during the trial – so far this could be matched with his denying answers, he showed that he well understood and realized that he was the most guilty;
that therefore, the Military Court – taken into account the circumstances, that the accused returning from Tokyo focussed his interest and energy on the execution of the new regulations concerning new fighting methods, which he as a Japanese officer should have regarded as very important– judges a punishment of 15 years to be a sufficient correction.
Noticing the Ordinance Criminal Law War Crimes article I No. 6,7 and 35 of S.1946 – 44, S1946 – 45, S.1946 – 47 juncto 74;
Declares therefore the mentioned accused:
guilty of the mentioned war crimes of:
“Abduction of girls and women for forced prostitution”
“Forcing to prostitution” and
Therefore sentences him to 15 years imprisonment;
Thus presence on 30 March 1948 at Mr. J. la Riviere, Lieutenant Colonel, President, Mr. L.F. de Groot, Major and Mr. A.J.A. Theijs, Captain, Members in the presence of Mr. A. Uyt den Bogaard, 1st Lieutenant, Secretary, summarized and arrested on 20 April 1948. –
In my knowledge:
The Secretary; The President
(w.g.) A. Uyt den Bogaard. (w.g.) J. La Riviere,
(w.g.) L.F. de Groot.
(w.g.) A.J.A. Theijs.

On 8 September 1948 permission execution of the above mentioned verdict is given by me Mr. M.A.F. Zwager, Resident, Head Temporary Government Service in Batavia.
The Resident, Head Temporary Bestuursdienst in Batavia.
(w.g.) M.A.F. Zwager.

The original transcripts are in Dutch, you can find them, by scrolling to page 5 here

dinsdag 11 december 2007

The Original Transcripts Dutch Indies Sex Slavery Convictions

Here are the original pages (in Dutch) of the Dutch Indies Sex Slavery Convictions, which were the source for the translations from Dutch to English by the volunteers:

maandag 10 december 2007

Pakket 1 pagina 1




The Temporaine Krijgsraad (Temporary Court-martial) in Batavia in the case of the Auditeur-Militair, ratione officii, against:

WASHIO AWOCHT, age 60 years old, born in Nagasaki, occupation hotel owner, now in detention in the prison “Struiswyk” in Batavia.
Given the decision to refer to the Temperary Court-martial of the Auditeur-Militair on the day 28 September 1946 whereby the accused is indicted:

that he in Batavia, at a not more precise time falling within or around the period of September 1943 to September 1945, therefore in time of war, as a subject of an hostile power, namely Japan, has committed and let commit war crimes, in violation of laws and customs of war, as operator of the “SAKURACLUB” which was founded for the Japanese citizenry, by recruiting and letting recruit girls and women for serving these citizens and threatening them directly or indirectly with the Kempei in case they would like to resign, and force them to prostitution with the visitors of said club, and to take residence in a for that goal separated part of the club, from which they could themselves not freely remove, so being by and with cooperation of him - the accused – a number of girls and women were held available to afore-mentioned Japanese to commit sexual abuse and were restricted in their freedom, which facts are provided and punishable in paragraph 4 and further of the Ordonnantie Strafrecht Oorlogsmisdrijven (Ordinance Criminal Law War Crimes) Staatsblad 1946: 45 ;
With regard to the writ and summons that was served of the 11th of October 1946, whereby accused has been called to appear on Monday, 26th of October 1946 in the morning at 9 o’clock for the trial of the Temporary Court-martial, having a session in the building of the former Hooggerechtshof (Supreme Court) of the Dutch Indies.
With regard to the claim, read by the Auditeur-Militair and after that produced to the Temporary Court-martial to the effect of:
that the Temporary Court-martial afore-mentioned will declare the accused WASHIO AWOCHI guilty for the war crime “forced prostitution”;
therefore sentenced to prison for a period of fifteen years;

Pakket 4 pagina 3

Pakket 4 – pagina 3

Commit or was going to commit;
6th accused:
a. during or around the months February, March and April 1944, at least during his function as controlling medical practitioner for the intended brothel for Japanese officers and there jointly the equated Japanese citizens in Semarang at that time called the Shoko-club, women who were put to work, lodged in the called brothel and forced to prostitution, interned women and girls treated badly, by denying them the meet of needs of medical help and medicines and to let them live under bad hygienic conditions.
b. at the same time and place as described under a., more than one under the sub a. called women and girls, including sexually assaulted women, by forcing them with violence to have sex.
7th accused:
during or around February 23th, 24th, 25th and 26th 1944, at least during or around the month February 1944, in Semarang and Ambarawa, girls and women who were forced for prostitution were carried off, at least patiently, that the under his commended subordinators, Japanese as well none Japanese subjects or strangers in order of the enemy power Japan, the called women and girls who were forced to prostitution had been carried off, by from each camp in Semarang-East, Gedangan and Fialmaheira in Semarang and 4 and 6 in Ambarawa, select women and girls as well by the called subordinators and then the selected girls and women, on the pretext that they could work in a office for the Japanese authorities, carry off or do carry off from the called camps to a plot, located at the Kenarielaan in Semarang, he was knowing at the same time that called girls and women were intended for prostitution and he knew, anyhow reasonably had to assume, that at least a lot of the women and girls who were carried off not voluntarily pass to prostitution and therefore would be forced to do it.
8th accused:
during or around the months February, March and April 1944, in a plot which was equipped into a brothel, called Semarang Coera in Semarang women 10 times, at least more times, sexually assaulted, by forcing her with violence to have sex with him.
9th accused:
a. During or around the months February, March and April 1944, in his function of brothel owner of the building of hotel Splendid which was intended to be a brothel located at the Genielaan in Semarang, at the time called ‘Semarang-club’ (Semarang Curaboe) later located in the former building hotel of Brussels in Semarang, women and girls of a number about 7, previously already interned by the Japanese occupated-authority, forced to prostitution, by hitting them repeadly times, when they refused to have sex with Japanese visitors of the brothel.
b. at the same time and place as described under a., women sexually assaulted, by forcing her with violence to have sex with him.

10th accused:
a. during or around the months February, March and April 1944, in his function of brothel owner of the plot which was intended to be a brothel located in Tjandi Baroe Semarang, at the time called Seiunso, women and girls of a number about 7, previously already interned by the Japanese occupated-authority, forced to prostitution, by among other things threating them to transfer them to a soldier brothel , when they refused to have sex with Japanese visitors of the brothel.
b. during or around the months February, March and April 1944, in his function of brothel owner of previously Chinese hotel which was intended to be a brothel located in Belakang Kebon, located behind the hotel

The original transcript is in Dutch, to find it, scroll to page 3 here.

Pakket 4 pagina 4

hotel du Pavillon te Semerang at that time named Hinomaru, females andgirls, in total eleven people, forced to prostitution by threatingthem with reprisals against their relatives in the camps if theyshould refuse to have sexual intercourse with the Japanese who visitedthe brothel;at time and place as written under sub a, women raped, by forcing themto have sexual intercourse outside;12th accused:in or about Februari, March and April 1944, in his function of brothelkeeper from a parcel which was destined as brothel in Semarang, bythat time named the Shoko-club, women and girls in the number of 8,previously already interned by the Japanese occupiers, were forced toprostitution, by threaten them with deportation to a brothel forJapanese soldiers, where they would get it much worse when they shoulddeny to have sexual intercourse outside with the Japanese who visitedthe brothel, which caused rape, deportation for forced prostitution,bad treatement, severe mental and physical suffering of everyone, ormany of the named females and girls; which facts were foresee and madepunishable by art. 4 and following of the Ordinance Criminal LawWarcrimes Stbl. 1946 no. 45; Regarding the exploit of meanig andsubpoena of the 6th of januar 1948, where the accused were called toappear on the 26th of januar 1948 in the afternoon at 8,30 hours atthe case of the Temporairen Krijgsraad at Batavia, at the building ofthe High Court of Nederland-Indie, located at Waterloo-plein OostNo.1; Recarding the claim of the Auditeur Militair, first readed andthen confered to Temorairen Krijgsraad, for that purpose, that theTemporaire Krijgraad, the accused:II. ... shall plea guilty for the warcrime "rape" and for that will besentenced to jail for five years,III. ... shall plea guilty for the warcrimes "deporting of girls andwomen for forced prostitution" and "rape" and for that will conficthim to the death penalty;IV. ... shall plea guilty for the warcrimes of "deporting of girls andwomen for forced prostitution" and for that will confict him to prisonfor the time of ten years;V. ... shall plea guilty for the warcrime of "bad treatment ofprisoners" and for that will confict him to prision for the time ofthen years;VI. ... shall plea guilty to warcrimes of "bad treatment of prisoners"and "rape" and for that will confict him for that to prison for thetime of twenty years;VII. ... shall plea guilty to the warcrime "deportion of girls andwomen for forced prostitution" and for that will confict him to prisinfor the time of two years;IX. ... shall plea guilty to warcrimes of "forcing to prostitution"and "rape" and for that will confict him to the death penalty;X. ... shall plea guilty to the warcrime of "forcing to prostitution"and for that will confict him to prison for the time of five years;X!. ... shall plea guilty to the warcrimes of "forcing toprostitution" and "rape" and for that will confict him to prison forthe time of twenty years;XII. ... shall plea guilty to the warcrime of "forcing toprostitution" and for that will confict him
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The original transcript is in Dutch, to find it, scroll to page 4 here.

Pakket 4 pagina 6

That the women in the camp revolted and protested, but it didn’t do good;
That the Japanese became angry, began to go off the deep end, threatened to shoot, and threw the chosen girls in the end into the bus that was ready;
That they – after collecting more girls in another camp at Ambarawa- were being transported to the Kenarielaan in Semarang, where they were summoned by Major… to sign a Japanese document, without knowing its content;
That there was a great number of women from other camps present in the Kenarielaan, who were also forced, except some volunteers;
That under the management of……. the women and girls were distributed at whorehouse-bosses;
That the witness together with……. by………. were chosen and were being transported to the whorehouse “Futabasji”, where they all got a separate room;
That they were told a few days later that they had to welcome Japanese men to have sexual intercourse with them;
That they all refused, but the Japanese, including…, laughed at them and said it would happen nevertheless;
That at the 1st of March 1944 two Japanese came, who worked at the raad van justitie (Council of Justice), named……….. and……………….., together with 4 other Japanese men;
That each one of them grabbed a girl and put her into her room;
A horrible event happened;
That ….. took ….., witness;
That he got her into the bed after a struggle from half an hour and deflorished her with force:
That she didn’t had had sexual intercourse before;
That the same happened to the other girls;
That Mrs. …. Has got a nervous breakdown and was transported to an mental institute later on;
That Miss ,,,,,, was discharged from the whorehouse a few days later, because she had a Japanese mother;
After that day they were forced to join the common brothel live and had to welcome 3 to 4 Japanese each night, who forced them to have sexual intercourse; that this lasted until the end of April 1944, because the whorehouse was closed then; that the hygienic conditions were bad; that there weren’t enough contraceptives and disinfectants; that there wasn’t an irrigator at first; That often there was used such an amount of violence that they couldn’t walk properly for days; that …… never harassed the girls, though she heard that …. Often behaved as an animal; that she got pregnant, but had a miscarriage; that women got venereal diseases; that she acted insane for about 10 days and that …. threatened to send her to an army-whorehouse, where she would have tot welcome 15 men each day, when she continued to refuse to welcome visitors;
That at February the 23rd 1944 two Japanese soldiers and 6 civilian Japanese came to camp Ambarawa 4, where she was detained, and all women in the age of 17 -28 were summoned to come to the office; that all of them were registered (number, age, married, single, possible number of children); That two of those Japanese were … and …; That on February the 6th commander Miss …..gave an order to 9 women, Mrs…, Mrs…, Miss…. and the witness, to be prepared to leave; that they were brought to Semarang, together with girls from another Ambarawa-camp; that they had to sign a paper without knowing its content at Semarang; That others asked what was written in the paper, but they were growled at; That about 40 women were divided among 4 Japanese; that she, with 9 other women, was chosen by …. and was brought to an old Chinese building at Kebong Blakang where…

The original transcript is in Dutch, to find it, scroll to page 6 here.

Pakket 4 pagina 7

Where every lady got her own room. On 27th of February 1944 there were 2 married lady’s called at the office. After their return they were positioned as hookers to the Japanese. On March 1944 the brothel was opened and on that same night one lady got burdened by a drunk Japanese guy which raped this virgin lady. From that night 3 Japanese men visited her every night. Each week a superficial doctor inspection took place and finally concluded that on 26th of April she was pregnant. Besides this she was affected with a venereal disease.
A witness declares by research that the take away of the women from Ambarawa 6 camp and what happened in Kanarielaan the same is as what another witness had to fill up as information. One of the Japanese said that the women knew what would happened to them. In Kanarielaan the women were divided among different brothels. She and another lady with a child and her sister were brought to the officersbrothel, the Shokoclub. At this place they got their own room. At 29 February they got the message to choose to work for the brothel or die. All of the ladies rather would die. After this choice they have been beaten up and threatened that their parents would die if they wouldn’t cooperate. They all still refused to cooperate and finally they got checked by the doctor. At night all ladies were put together with different Japanese. On a specific sign each Japanese snatched a girl and took her to her room. After a long struggle and fight the virgin was raped and beaten up. After feeling dazed and confused she was raped by the other men. Once a night they were forced to have sex with the Japanese. The Shokoclub had to close on 25 April 1944 and all women were brought over to the Kota Pariskmap on May 9th. The hygiene and care for the women was really bad (too few prevention and disinfection products).The brothel boss named … and threatened her that she and her sister would be send to an officers brothel where the circumstances would even be worse when she refused. … declared that he didn’t have sex with any of the girls. The diseases that the girls got were formed by the doctor. He also accused the doctor for the virgin rapes. The first night Miss … was reassigned that Miss … told her that … nothing was done to her and that the girls were forced to the camps by Major … and made work of it.Finally he told that it was a horror what happened to the girls and the only thing he could do was to follow orders. He makes his statement that he never slept with one of the girls and that for several times she was seen in the office to accomplish her missions from … Witness declares the same as her sister and encloses…

The original transcript is in Dutch, to find it, scroll to page 7 here.


Waarom dit vertaalproject?

De Yonsei University in Seoel, Zuid-Korea heeft aan mij het verzoek gedaan om de transcripten van de vonnissen van de 'Temporary krijgsraden te Batavia' aan hen op te sturen, voor zover deze seksslavernij betreffen. Deze vonnissen zijn van groot belang omdat het de eerste en enige keer is dat er veroordelingen hebben plaatsgevonden wegens seksslavernij en deze vonnissen in het voormalige Nederlands-Indiƫ een precedent werking kunnen hebben voor een eventuele zaak tegen de Japanse overheid, gevoerd door Zuid-Koreaanse slachtoffers van seksslavernij. Het huidige officiƫle standpunt van de Japanse regering is dat de seksslavernij toentertijd niet strafbaar was, als het al ooit gebeurd zou zijn.

What's in it for me?
Naast dat je de wetenschap verder helpt, ondersteun je de zaak van de Koreaanse slachtoffers van sexslavernij, (kosmische) gerechtigheid en heel wat karma-punten. Maar ik ben geen professionele vertaler? Dat is geen punt, want het gaat erom dat de onderzoekers aan de Yonsei Universiteit weten of ze deze vonnissen kunnen gebruiken als bewijs in een zaak tegen de Japanse staat. Als dat het geval is, zullen bepaalde stukken wellicht nog een keer vertaald worden door een door de rechtbank erkende vertaler.

Hoe gaat het in zijn werk?
1. Ik wijs iedereen een pagina-nummer aan in het te vertalen pakket (1, 4 of 5) aan.
2. Je krijgt een week de tijd om 1 pagina te vertalen.
3. Mocht het niet lukken, no hard feelings. Geef het dan even aan via email of telefoon, dan geef ik de pagina aan iemand anders.
4. Open het relevante pdf pakket (je kunt de pagina's roteren als dat nodig is, zie de knop in de pdf reader genaamd 'rotate clockwise').
5. Open een Word document.
6. Verdeel je computerscherm over twee helften, met aan de ene zijde het pdf document en aan de andere het Word document.
7. Soms is de tekst erg slecht leesbaar. Inzoomen is dan noodzakelijk.
8. Begin te vertalen.
9. Mocht je woorden tegenkomen die je niet kunt vertalen, selecteer ze en maak deze rood in Word.
10. Mocht de tekst met een halve zin beginnen, dan kun je deze negeren. Mocht de tekst eindigen met een halve zin, kijk dan hoe de zin afloopt op de volgende pagina en vertaal ook deze.