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Pakket 1 pagina 7

Package 1, page 7

That an unknown Japanese asked her, why she wanted to leave, while nothing happened as a consequence of her request to leave.
That she repeated in January 1944 her request to leave, that she was taken by the Political Intelligence Service, that they accused her of inciting the girls to leave, that she was kept by the Intelligence Service xXXXXXX (can’t read this part)
That miss XXX gave order (?) to the women in Sakuraclub to meet two Japanese xxx per person per evening under threat of the Kempel.
That in August 1943 Can’t read this part

That she and two previously mentioned women by miss and miss were informed about the fact that this ‘job’ involved intimate contact with Japanese, but that it was possible to deny such contacts if one was reluctant to do so.
However, that both were subjected to Japanese against their will, least two per evening. That they refused for a few days, but were threatened by the Kempel. That miss xxx told her: we have ordered that we have to serve at least two Japanese per evening.

Not readable
That there was a girl in Sakura club of 12 years old, and also one of 14 years old. That she lived with her mother, that she was persuaded by miss xxx and miss xxx to go to Batavia to work in a restaurant with miss xxx
That she didn’t feel like to doing this, but when miss xx threatened with the Intelligence Service and with deportation if she wouldn’t go, she finally agreed.
That she was taken to Batavia with other girls and that she was housed in a ? behind ‘Goenoeng Sari’ where the girls had to share with two person a single house.

The original transcript is in Dutch, to find it, scroll to page 7 here

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