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Pakket 4 pagina 11

Pakket 4, pagina 11

Kicked in the stomach; that the witness herself was given the order to perform labour on March 5th, which she refused to do; that she was dragged to her room by one of the Japanese soldiers (vice? Officer), grabbed, threatened, undressed by tearing off her clothes and violently lost her virginity; that she had never had any sexual intercourse before; that she thereafter was forced to have sexual intercourse 7-8 times per day with Japanese soldiers, with intervals of sometimes 5 minutes; that she was transferred to another brother, namely Hinomaru, as a result of close down of the one she was in. She was brought there under supervision of xxxx; that several girls got sexually transmitted diseases, such as xxx and xxx; and that xxx made her loose her virginity, that she recognized this man who in the brothel Semarang in 1944 raped her approximately 10-times, that she gave in after physical abuse and violence; that she recognized after the recapitulation this Japanese (kempeier) as the man who visited her in the Brother in Semarang for 2 months and hit her every time, thrown her onto bed, tore her clothes off and in the face of severe resistance forced her to have sexual intercourse; that she admitted to fall a bit in love with this Japanese;
In consideration, some report of lady xxx, sister xx was read aloud, which she enforced under oath; that the court martial wanted to put this report aside, because several events were confused by the sister, names were given vaguely or incorrectly while one name has been removed and replaced by another; that she has been convicted by the court martial of Semarang on accounts of abortion criminalis; that she is a ‘morphimist’ and that she should be considered a very doubtful figure;
That probably also due to this the Home Office for investigation of war crimes didn’t consider it necessary to subject this witness to a normal enquiry by a designated certified investigator. This is because the court martial cannot understand why such a unreliable report was taken seriously;
That in the report under the judgment of herein reported doctors and xx has not been confirmed by any of the witnesses;
In consideration, that in the trial pack, is present a declaration of a doctor, under oath, but this cannot be taken seriously because in the pack there is made reference to label A Blue which is not only not there in the pack, but also, as stated by the Auditor-Military during the trial, has not been found in that particular office;
In consideration, that the designated commander of the Cadet Training Corpse of the Southern army in Semarang, colonel xxx, who in order to avoid conviction and punishment committed suicide in Japan. He left a statement in Japanese. During the trial this was read aloud. The main content of his statement was: with silent permission the Headquarters of the 16th army of General Mayor xxx, commander of the occupying troops in Semarang, and to Mayor xxx has ordered that a few dozens of Dutch women from the camps were distributed over two or three brothels; this order has been carried out and that those women in those brothels (e.g. Shoko-club and Semarang restaurant) were forced to perform acts of prostitution; that after a month a warning was issued from Tokyo and the brothels were closed; that Mayor xxx acted forcefully in word and deed against those women; that Mayor xxx acted in accordance with the purpose of General Mayor xxx, so

The original transcript is in Dutch, to find it, scroll to page 11 here.

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