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... that the accused should be found guilty for the things accused of (du…..) of the defined crimes of which in the meantime the perpetrators are punished by verdict of this Temporary Military Court No. 72/1947.
Regarding the applicable punishment:
Considering the fact that the Auditeur Military demanded capital punishment, but the Military Court does not agree;
that the accused was absent during the actual execution of the plan that was made with his cooperation and he went back to Semarang after that the brothels were active for a month;
that therefore most of the responsibility of the executed war crimes should be laid on the executers, as expressed in their verdicts;
that nevertheless the guilt of the accused is big, because as a Head Officer and the principal and most influential advisor of the commander-general major X he should have stopped the urge of the officers group from the Cadets school to get involved in the brothels full with women and girls from detention camps;
that he during the trial – so far this could be matched with his denying answers, he showed that he well understood and realized that he was the most guilty;
that therefore, the Military Court – taken into account the circumstances, that the accused returning from Tokyo focussed his interest and energy on the execution of the new regulations concerning new fighting methods, which he as a Japanese officer should have regarded as very important– judges a punishment of 15 years to be a sufficient correction.
Noticing the Ordinance Criminal Law War Crimes article I No. 6,7 and 35 of S.1946 – 44, S1946 – 45, S.1946 – 47 juncto 74;
Declares therefore the mentioned accused:
guilty of the mentioned war crimes of:
“Abduction of girls and women for forced prostitution”
“Forcing to prostitution” and
Therefore sentences him to 15 years imprisonment;
Thus presence on 30 March 1948 at Mr. J. la Riviere, Lieutenant Colonel, President, Mr. L.F. de Groot, Major and Mr. A.J.A. Theijs, Captain, Members in the presence of Mr. A. Uyt den Bogaard, 1st Lieutenant, Secretary, summarized and arrested on 20 April 1948. –
In my knowledge:
The Secretary; The President
(w.g.) A. Uyt den Bogaard. (w.g.) J. La Riviere,
(w.g.) L.F. de Groot.
(w.g.) A.J.A. Theijs.

On 8 September 1948 permission execution of the above mentioned verdict is given by me Mr. M.A.F. Zwager, Resident, Head Temporary Government Service in Batavia.
The Resident, Head Temporary Bestuursdienst in Batavia.
(w.g.) M.A.F. Zwager.

The original transcripts are in Dutch, you can find them, by scrolling to page 5 here

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