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Pakket 4 pagina 6

That the women in the camp revolted and protested, but it didn’t do good;
That the Japanese became angry, began to go off the deep end, threatened to shoot, and threw the chosen girls in the end into the bus that was ready;
That they – after collecting more girls in another camp at Ambarawa- were being transported to the Kenarielaan in Semarang, where they were summoned by Major… to sign a Japanese document, without knowing its content;
That there was a great number of women from other camps present in the Kenarielaan, who were also forced, except some volunteers;
That under the management of……. the women and girls were distributed at whorehouse-bosses;
That the witness together with……. by………. were chosen and were being transported to the whorehouse “Futabasji”, where they all got a separate room;
That they were told a few days later that they had to welcome Japanese men to have sexual intercourse with them;
That they all refused, but the Japanese, including…, laughed at them and said it would happen nevertheless;
That at the 1st of March 1944 two Japanese came, who worked at the raad van justitie (Council of Justice), named……….. and……………….., together with 4 other Japanese men;
That each one of them grabbed a girl and put her into her room;
A horrible event happened;
That ….. took ….., witness;
That he got her into the bed after a struggle from half an hour and deflorished her with force:
That she didn’t had had sexual intercourse before;
That the same happened to the other girls;
That Mrs. …. Has got a nervous breakdown and was transported to an mental institute later on;
That Miss ,,,,,, was discharged from the whorehouse a few days later, because she had a Japanese mother;
After that day they were forced to join the common brothel live and had to welcome 3 to 4 Japanese each night, who forced them to have sexual intercourse; that this lasted until the end of April 1944, because the whorehouse was closed then; that the hygienic conditions were bad; that there weren’t enough contraceptives and disinfectants; that there wasn’t an irrigator at first; That often there was used such an amount of violence that they couldn’t walk properly for days; that …… never harassed the girls, though she heard that …. Often behaved as an animal; that she got pregnant, but had a miscarriage; that women got venereal diseases; that she acted insane for about 10 days and that …. threatened to send her to an army-whorehouse, where she would have tot welcome 15 men each day, when she continued to refuse to welcome visitors;
That at February the 23rd 1944 two Japanese soldiers and 6 civilian Japanese came to camp Ambarawa 4, where she was detained, and all women in the age of 17 -28 were summoned to come to the office; that all of them were registered (number, age, married, single, possible number of children); That two of those Japanese were … and …; That on February the 6th commander Miss …..gave an order to 9 women, Mrs…, Mrs…, Miss…. and the witness, to be prepared to leave; that they were brought to Semarang, together with girls from another Ambarawa-camp; that they had to sign a paper without knowing its content at Semarang; That others asked what was written in the paper, but they were growled at; That about 40 women were divided among 4 Japanese; that she, with 9 other women, was chosen by …. and was brought to an old Chinese building at Kebong Blakang where…

The original transcript is in Dutch, to find it, scroll to page 6 here.

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