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Pakket 4 pagina 10

;that the whorehouse was closed on April 25 or 26, 1944 and that the girls were transferred to the KOTA-PARIS encampment on May 9th, 1944;

That she was present at the GEDANGAN encampment in Semarang in February or May 1944 when the announcement was made that all women and girls in the age between 16 and 30 were to report at the office; that they were told that they had to work for the Japanese, but they were not told what kind of work; that before they left the mothers and a lot of women protested and as a reaction the Japanese police were ordered to slay the revolt with the sable and a riot started; that she was taken to a whorehouse in an alley of Bodjong together with her two children (age 2 and 4); that xx was the manager; some days later 3 Japanese men arrived and they told us to receive some men, we thought we were to work just like in a restaurant, because the Americans did the same with their wives.; that the reaction was strong , a lot of women were considering suicide, but out of fear for physical abuse they complied; that all actions were enforced by beatings in the face and once a woman was dragged along the floor by her hair only and that resulted in a nervous shock with xxx.

Xxxx (now 21 years)
That she arrived at the Halmaheira encampment on February 3, 1944; that on February 2, 1944 six Japanese arrived (among them xxx from Semarang-Curaboe, xxx from Hinmaru and xxx from Futabasju); that they ordered all women and girls in the age between 17 and 35 to the office where they were interrogated and were inspected just like a meat inspection; that the encampment manager mrs.xxx made a statement that the Japanese had not informed her about the meaning of all this; that the Japanese returned on February 26, 1944 to see all the girls and that only 8 girls showed up (the other girls were not able to come because of illness) which were, xx,xx and witness; that they had to prepare to leave within 30 minutes and that they were yelled at when asked where they were to be taken; that they thought it was just a transfer to another encampment; some women asked the Japanese for the possibility to be transferred too, but the Japanese reacted very angry; they were transferred to the Kanarielaan at Semarang and during the rest of the day more girls from other camps arrived also; there were also women from the Gedangancamp, who, witness found out later, volunteered for the live as a whore; witness and 9 other girls, a married woman and 5 volunteers were taken to the whorehouse Hinomaru (by law Semarang Curaboe) where they all received a room for themselves; that some days later the first girls, xx and xx were raped and yelled extremely loud; that xx at that time said: there is our first victim; both girls were dragged to a restcouch and were robbed from their virginity; that xxx was in a state of shock and was unconscious for two days ; day after day all girls fell victim to the Japanese and in spite of the resistance they were forced to have intercourse; that xx and xx managed to escape in the afternoon but they were caught in the nighttime by the police; that in spite of the insurance that no force was to be used the girls were brutally molested and that xx was so heavily upset that she slid her wrist and that caused so much blood loss that she lost consciousness for 36 hours; that mrs.xx managed to cross her legs and stop a Japanese man from taking abuse of her which made him so angry that he kicked her in her stomach;

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