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Pakket 4 pagina 5

VIII. [black] will aqcuit from what he was charged with;
Taking into account, that in the court session were read and were shown to the accused the statements taken under oath of the following witnesses, who have testified mainly
Ambarawa [black].that she had been detained in Ambarawa camp 4, where miss [black] was commanding, when on 25 February 1944 all women and girls between 18 and 26 years of age were ordered to appear in the office.
That they did not know what to think of it, but expected it to be some kind of registration;
That a Japanese officer asked questions in the office and inspected the women with his eyes.
That the next day she received orders to pack her bags and get ready to leave; as well as other women on the list;
That she left in a bus and was brought to Semarang via another camp in Ambarawa were other women were picked up.
Semarang curaboe. That she arrived in hotel Splendid, where other girls who went out to explore the place had found an examining room and boxes of contraceptives, from which she concluded that she had ended up in a brothel.
That she refused to move to another room, but that it did not help, because she was beaten and punched and forced to move.
That her turn came finally and that she was raped with abuse.
That two girls tried to escape but were caught and brought back.
That there was a medical inspection every week performed on a dirty mattress that was put on a closet that was turned upside down.
That a girl tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of Quinine and that Mrs. [black] went half insane and was sent back to Ambarawa camp.
That on 1 April 1944 they were brought to “Pension van Brussel” which was closed on 26 April of the same year, after which they were brought on 9 May 1944 to the Kota Paris camp in Buitenzorg;
That she knows the following people to be bosses of a brothel: [black], [black] and [black]
That she knows the following people to have shared her fate: Miss [black], Mrs. [black], Miss [black k], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Miss [black], Mrs. [black], Miss [black], Miss [very black]and Miss [black].
Ambarawa 6 [black].
That on 23 February 1944 3 or 4 Japanese came into the camp (Ambarawa 6) and had all the women between 17 and 28 years of age lined up.
That the women were shamelessly looked up and down and had to answer questions, after which a sign was put behind their names on a list.
That this made them worried and that they asked the Japanese to which end this was done. The answer was that the ladies did not need to worry and hat nothing would happen to them, and that it was just that a few would be selected to work outside in offices.
That this was communicated to the leader of the camp.
That on 26 February of the same year, the Japanese came again and called 10 ladies, of whom 9 came, because one was ill.
That those 9 ladies were the sisters [black], [black], Mrs. [black], [black], [black], [black], [black] and the witness herself;
That they were told to pack in order to leave the camp;
That the women

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