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Pakket 5 pagina 3

Pakket 5 Pagina 3

That he himself has never visited either one of the brothels, though he did visit the restaurant of the Shoko-club;
That on his return he has never met XXXX again, because he had returned to his infantery-unit and that he had not personally taken over the shift of XXXX, because lieutenant XXXX, had replaced him temporarily and he, the accused, on his return was to busy to get involved, because of taking up his task of head-instructor for the new tactic principles of the military school – which he had studied in Tokio on the basis of the latest war-experiences;
That moreover, after he had heard that the brothelplan had been executed, he was no longer interested in the matter;
That he has never heard rumours, that violence was used against the women stationed in those brothels, or that some of them were working there on a non-voluntary basis, that only became known to him, when he saw the indictment in this case;
That the order to close the brothels, approximately two weeks after his return, was reason for him to start an investigation and to ask lieutenant XXXX for the documents concerned;
That he did not find in those documents the written approval of the Headquarter, he did find the written consent-forms of the women, in which however no description was recorded of the nature of the activities to which they declared themselves willing;
That on noticing this, he asked XXXX for an explanation and, when X could not explain convincingly, he reported to general XXXX that the written approval of the Headquarter was lacking;
That on the basis of this report general XXXX has said that it is an unpleasant matter, and he, the accused, got the impression that XXXX was fully informed, the more so as XXXX said, that he would maybe have to send XXXX to Batavia;
That, however, a few days later, general XXXX went to Batavia himself;
That XXXX of the kempejtaj also visited him in those days, though the purpose of this visit, though the prostitution was raised as a subject, did not become clear to him, although he was under the impression that XXXX came to get information against the other officers of the trainingschool and general XXXX;
That he, although he had not been enthusiastically in favour of the plans, had never thought this through so far, that he came to comprehend that taking women from detentioncamps for stationing in brothels – even if they did so voluntarily – was a crime against humanity and a violence of international conventions;
That among the group of officers in garrison in Semarang, the colonel XXXX, who as commander of the infantery-unit and as a member of the staff of the trainingschool and who was moreover the eldest and highest in rank, was positioned immediately under general XXXX, and for that reason had all-powerful influence in the matter of the well-being of the militaries, so much so that he had to be listened to, and the brothelplan, which he initiated and was enthusiastic about, had to be executed;
That although he denies to be guilty in the sense of the facts as described in the indictment, and that he specifically has not allowed the acts of violence, since he had had no knowledge of those acts, nor could he have had knowledge of those acts, because he was not there, he nevertheless, now that has become clear that in the further elaboration of the plans, on the basis of which he has cooperated, the consequences as described in the indictment have followed, in the case of which his fellow-accused have been convicted, considers himself also responsible for these consequences, because he currently comprehends that by advising general XXXX differently, he could possibly have prevented those consequences;
That furthermore he realizes, that what happened in Semarang, is a severe crime against humanity, for which the management of the school should have taken responsibility, so that he, the accused, despite his absence during the execution of the plans and his expertise of the things occurred in the execution, feels also responsible;Considering that thus two points are certain:

The original transcripts are in Dutch, you can find them, by scrolling to page 3 here

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