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Where every lady got her own room. On 27th of February 1944 there were 2 married lady’s called at the office. After their return they were positioned as hookers to the Japanese. On March 1944 the brothel was opened and on that same night one lady got burdened by a drunk Japanese guy which raped this virgin lady. From that night 3 Japanese men visited her every night. Each week a superficial doctor inspection took place and finally concluded that on 26th of April she was pregnant. Besides this she was affected with a venereal disease.
A witness declares by research that the take away of the women from Ambarawa 6 camp and what happened in Kanarielaan the same is as what another witness had to fill up as information. One of the Japanese said that the women knew what would happened to them. In Kanarielaan the women were divided among different brothels. She and another lady with a child and her sister were brought to the officersbrothel, the Shokoclub. At this place they got their own room. At 29 February they got the message to choose to work for the brothel or die. All of the ladies rather would die. After this choice they have been beaten up and threatened that their parents would die if they wouldn’t cooperate. They all still refused to cooperate and finally they got checked by the doctor. At night all ladies were put together with different Japanese. On a specific sign each Japanese snatched a girl and took her to her room. After a long struggle and fight the virgin was raped and beaten up. After feeling dazed and confused she was raped by the other men. Once a night they were forced to have sex with the Japanese. The Shokoclub had to close on 25 April 1944 and all women were brought over to the Kota Pariskmap on May 9th. The hygiene and care for the women was really bad (too few prevention and disinfection products).The brothel boss named … and threatened her that she and her sister would be send to an officers brothel where the circumstances would even be worse when she refused. … declared that he didn’t have sex with any of the girls. The diseases that the girls got were formed by the doctor. He also accused the doctor for the virgin rapes. The first night Miss … was reassigned that Miss … told her that … nothing was done to her and that the girls were forced to the camps by Major … and made work of it.Finally he told that it was a horror what happened to the girls and the only thing he could do was to follow orders. He makes his statement that he never slept with one of the girls and that for several times she was seen in the office to accomplish her missions from … Witness declares the same as her sister and encloses…

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