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The Temporaine Krijgsraad (Temporary Court-martial) in Batavia in the case of the Auditeur-Militair, ratione officii, against:

WASHIO AWOCHT, age 60 years old, born in Nagasaki, occupation hotel owner, now in detention in the prison “Struiswyk” in Batavia.
Given the decision to refer to the Temperary Court-martial of the Auditeur-Militair on the day 28 September 1946 whereby the accused is indicted:

that he in Batavia, at a not more precise time falling within or around the period of September 1943 to September 1945, therefore in time of war, as a subject of an hostile power, namely Japan, has committed and let commit war crimes, in violation of laws and customs of war, as operator of the “SAKURACLUB” which was founded for the Japanese citizenry, by recruiting and letting recruit girls and women for serving these citizens and threatening them directly or indirectly with the Kempei in case they would like to resign, and force them to prostitution with the visitors of said club, and to take residence in a for that goal separated part of the club, from which they could themselves not freely remove, so being by and with cooperation of him - the accused – a number of girls and women were held available to afore-mentioned Japanese to commit sexual abuse and were restricted in their freedom, which facts are provided and punishable in paragraph 4 and further of the Ordonnantie Strafrecht Oorlogsmisdrijven (Ordinance Criminal Law War Crimes) Staatsblad 1946: 45 ;
With regard to the writ and summons that was served of the 11th of October 1946, whereby accused has been called to appear on Monday, 26th of October 1946 in the morning at 9 o’clock for the trial of the Temporary Court-martial, having a session in the building of the former Hooggerechtshof (Supreme Court) of the Dutch Indies.
With regard to the claim, read by the Auditeur-Militair and after that produced to the Temporary Court-martial to the effect of:
that the Temporary Court-martial afore-mentioned will declare the accused WASHIO AWOCHI guilty for the war crime “forced prostitution”;
therefore sentenced to prison for a period of fifteen years;

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