woensdag 1 mei 2013

Trial of Washio Awochi

Case No. 76, Trial of Washio Awochi, Netherlands Temporary Court-Martial at Batavia (Judgement delivered on 25th October, 1946) in Law Reports of Trials of War Criminals, United Nations War Crimes Commission, Wm. S. Hein Publishing, 1 Nov, 1997, p 122-125, available here.

This book article includes:
A. Outline of the procedeedings
1. The charge
2. The evidence
3. The defence of the accused
4. The judgment
B. Notes on the case
1. The court
2. Nature of the offence
3. Personal guilt of the accused

Also relevant is
Bert Immerzeel, De 'service girls' van de Sakuraclub, Java Post, available here.

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