maandag 6 mei 2013

Tokyo Tribunal 2000

After the Second World War, sexual violence committed by the Japanese Imperial Army was hardly prosecuted by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (The Far East Tribunal) as set-up by the Allied Forces. An exception was the Batavia (Indonesia) Trial where the case of 35 Dutch women who had been victimized in Indonesia, brought their case against 12 Japanese Army officers at the Batavia court. Charges were made on the grounds of having committed war crimes and in defiance of the laws and customs of war, in the Dutch East Indies in 1944. One of the accused was condemned to death and others were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from two to 15 years. That was the only trial in history that gave justice to the comfort women. Today most of the comfort women are still denied of such justice.

"Toward the Tokyo Tribunal 2000 & Public Hearing on Crimes Against Women", A Primer On The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal and Public Hearing On Crimes Against  Women In Recent Wars And Conflicts, Japan December 8-12, 2000, Tokyo, Japan, available here.

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