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Pagina 4

that the accused has participated in designing and further developing the plan to establish brothels in Semarang and to use girls and women from the detention camps as prostitutes in these brothels, while it was also known to him that permission would have to be asked from the Headquarter of the 16th army in Batavia;
that the accused after his return to Semarang (by the end of March 1944) from Tokio, for which he had left by the end of January 1944, to attend a conference where the latest battle-methods were to be discussed, learned about the presence of the brothels, the way they had been planned before his departure and that he also learned that women and girls from the detention camps were working in the brothels;

Considering also that it is certain that the accused after his return, on looking into the administrative documents regarding these brothels, discovered that the permission of the Headquarter of the 16th army was missing and that in the statements of consent of the women and girls the nature of the work they were to do, was not being mentioned;
that general XXXX did not provide him with an explanation concerning these questions;
that, to conclude, he has done nothing to investigate this;
Considering that – as considered on page 52 of the formerly mentioned verdict against other accused in this case – the recruitment of the volunteers from the detentioncamps alone, in doing this using the bad and inhuman circumstances when it comes to food and the location in the camps, which, moreover, they had established and maintained themselves, is in conflict with decency and humanity and hence given the circumstances are a violation of the laws and customs of war;
that therefore the accused – who was also held the position of Heitan-officer – by giving his permission to a plan like that, and by participating in further elaborating it and by never inspecting afterwards how the plan was actually implemented and how the, on the basis of that plan, established brothels were functioning, he must be held responsible for the punishable acts committed in the process;
that the crimes of war, as committed by his fellow-accused according to the formerly mentioned verdict, have resulted from the above mentioned plan and could and should have been anticipated and prevented by the accused, and that by not extensively getting informed – after his return from Japan and accepting his duties again – regarding these brothels and everything related – he has allowed these acts of war to continue;
that he as a main officer should have been aware that the Dutch women and girls in general and in principal would not be willing to leave their detention camps to work as a prostitute in Japanese brothels and that they would only do so by acts of deceit and/or violence;
that he, the other officers involved in this case alike, did not care at all about the fate of the women and children who found themselves completely and utterly under the command of the occupational authorities, and has not one single moment given thought to the fact that proposing to these women and girls to provide this kind of service to the Japanese – as a result of the submission and unfree circumstances in which they were brought, already carries a criminal tendency in itself;
that with this attitude, he has clearly hinted that he wholly agreed with the idea living with the leading officers regarding this matter of the brothels;
Considering that according to the accused’s own statement that, while checking the administrative documents regarding these brothels, he noticed that the permission of the Headquarter of the 16th army was missing and that in the statements of consent of the involved women and girls the nature of the work was not being described, [ unreadable ] , that the Japanese in general attach great importance to conceal the actual bad circumstances which they had created for their prisoners of war and detainees by means of their administration and to hide for the higher authorities, after all, should the accused have correctly conceived and exercised the duties for which he as responsible as a heitan-officer, it is inconceivable why he – after general XXXX had responded in an exceedingly unsatisfactory and evasive way, did not immediately start an investigation into the actual situation and events;
Considering that from the above described follows that the accused must be found guilty of the indicted [unreadable and unreadable] the described crimes for which meanwhile the offenders have been sentenced with punishments by verdict of the Temporaire Krijgsraad No. 72/1947;

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